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Mission Statement

Our mission is to enter into worldwide food markets by commercializing traditional and exclusively Italian-produced canned food which guarantee maximum quality and which reflect our values – honesty, respect, responsibility and flexibility – together with our well-known brand name, our client-base and our expert staff in order to successfully reach our goals.

Vision Statement

To become a world leader in canned food production.


Honesty, respect, responsibility, quality, flexibility, loyalty and tradition.


We are a family business started its entrepreneurial journey during the 1960's when Salvatore Caputo, through hard work and intuition about the changing food production market, founded "S.C.F.". At that time, our main activity consisted in supplying tomatoes for the canned food industry of our region.

With the arrival of the new generation, our company diversified by becoming active in the canning of other locally harvested vegetables and legumes. In the year 2000 we expanded further and become an international corporation dedicated principally to the exportation of Italian canned food.

Tomatoes and derivatives
eg.: peeled, chopped, past and conc.
Vegetables of various kinds
eg, various beans, chickpeas, lentils, peas
Cocktail of fruit
of various sizes.

SA.GI.CA. s.r.l. also is careful to comply with its various forms of shipping logistics in various parts of the planet with the help of trucks and containers.

Managing Director


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